In this fast paced throwaway society it has never been more important to seriously consider how we use the planets resources. We place an emphasis on quality well made items which are built to last and enjoy in your home for many years to come.

Here is a summary of our commitments to sustainability.

Natural Fabrics Woven in Ireland

rolls of irish linen

By using Irish Linen and Wools for our products not only do we lower the carbon footprint of Linen Lane but support other small businesses in the process.

Irish linen is made from flax fibers and is biodegradable, durable and ideal for home furnishings. Once lit the beauty of this fabric really comes into its own with the light emphasising the texture of the cloth.


Eco Packaging


recyclable packaging


Packaging can be so damaging to the environment in many ways including using up resources and ending up in landfill.

Reusing packaging as much as possible cuts down the amount of waste we produce... everything from boxes to bubblewrap. Using biodegradable paper tape for our packaging.



Lamp Bases 

 Our lamp bases are sourced from within the UK and are made using recycled glass or oak. By purchasing from us you are also helping to support the small businesses who are our suppliers.