Irish Linen

One of the most environmentally friendly fabrics available being biodegradable and sustainable with a low carbon footprint.

Once lit the beauty of this fabric really comes into its own with the light emphasising the texture of the cloth.

For more information about this remarkable fabric follow the link here.



Eco Packaging


Packaging can be so damaging to the environment in many ways including using up resources and ending up in landfill.

Reusing packaging as much as possible cuts down the amount of waste we produce... everything from boxes to bubblewrap.

Most of our packaging is now made in Northern Ireland minimizing air miles and supporting local business ...a win win situation!


Small Batches

 Being a small company we only ever make our pieces in small batches reducing waste.


Using Offcuts


 Our little tiny house pictures are made from offcuts of linen used for our lampshades. A combination of machine and hand embroidery bring them to life.


Finally we place an emphasis on quality well made items which are built to last and enjoy in your home for many years to come.