Sometimes all it takes is a simple change of lamp to transform a room scheme.
Here a LL we offer a bespoke lampshade making service:
*Use one of our Irish Linens to make a specific size of shade for your own lamp.
*Supply your own fabric and have a shade made to fit either your own or one of our bases.

    We'd love to hear from you..if you have a specific project in mind please contact us here

    Revamp Your Lamp

    Such a delight to upcycle this vintage shade... a lovely moss green Irish Linen was used on the outside while natural unbleached Irish linen was used as the liner.

     As the frame was in good condition with just a few paint chips it was easily fixed with a respray so it looked like new!

     The original velvet ribbon was carefully removed from the old shade and reused on the updated version.

     So pleased with the finished shade taking pride of place in this gorgeous home.

     If you have a special shade you would like transformed please get in touch with us 




    shade restoration using irish linen

    Antique Silk Shade with Black Base


    If only this gorgeous fabric could talk it would have an amazing story to tell ... bought many years ago in a middle eastern antique shop it lay untouched in a drawer for decades.
    Intricately woven in a paisley pattern the detail has to be seen to be believed, many thousands of silk strands run across the back of this silk carrying the colour between the different parts of the pattern.
    Originally planned to be made into cushion covers we suggested a new use as a lampshade, our black oak floor lamp is the perfect base to set off this beautiful fabric .



    silk shade with black oak floor lamp base